Inspirallondon’s SoilFood Fete

Two unique Walks meeting at Peckham Rye Common for an Inspiralling SoilFood Feast with performances

Date 29th July 2023 Walks from 10.30 am Fete 12.20pm to 3.30pm

Book your place at the closing event, artist led walk and celebration picnic here 

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.”

(Auguries of Innocence – William Blake)

Textural Contexts Walk 1. 

Meet 10/10.30am at Textural Contexts Exhibition, at the CORNER Gallery, 117 New Cross Road, London SE14 5DJ – starting with a short guided tour of exhibition and a textual contextual walk from New Cross to Peckham Rye that follows the scent of Watery Foxes. Led by curator artist Joanna McCormick, with support of InspiralLondon associate artists. Booking HERE (URL to follow)

Urban Ecology and Soil Walk 2. 

Meet 11 am at Dawson Heights Nature Reserve Dawson’s Hill (with InspiralLondon Artists and colleagues) Rachel Gomme, Charlie Fox and JD Swann on a walk that follows the InspiralLondon Trail down and through Camberwell Old Cemetery towards Peckham Rye Common. Booking HERE (URL to follow)

From 12.30 pm these two walks converge and meet on the Soil of Peckham Rye Common by the entrance of the newly planted mini forest for a talk by Rachel Gomme and other invited urban tree enthusiasts. 

SoilFood Fete

1 pm – 3.30pm Inspired by William Blakes’ visions we then offer a shared picnic with all walkers and participants. During the SoilFood feast a series of entertainments inspired by alternative natural sciences, the visionary and experimental, we celebrate through the imaginal the beauty, diversity and variety of the City’s green spaces. We offer song, performance, puppet shows, conversation – all the angelic and the profane that bubbles and rumbles out from the earth, up from its muddy boiling core. Through the afternoon the live performances will be enriched by short walks, drawing workshops and activities that celebrate the rich soil food of the Common and the living diversity that lies beneath our feet. For more details see HERE (URL to follow)SoilFood is part of InspiralLondon’s project to explore and share in an ongoing on the ground mapping of the Metropole London. in encouraging everyone to walk the 350 mile spiral trail we offer a simple shared space in walking together and apart:  for experiencing, mapping and dwelling in our city; particularly in thinking of what lies hidden, unrecognised, this diverse life beneath our feet as we walk the trail together. See