An art exhibition in the basement gallery at South East London cafe venue Corner in the  London Borough of Lewisham. Curated by local artist Jo McCormick 

The exhibition explores the concept of texture through examinations of landscape –  mapping, pattern, domestic architecture, nature and the human form.  

Jo has been working with the team at Corner and a group of 20 local and international  contemporary artists to create an immersive art exhibition in the basement at Corner New  Cross. 

A diverse mix of artists who each explore the aesthetics of texture within their work in a  unique way.  

The theme of textural resonance is explored through different genres and artistic mediums  including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, abstraction, text based work, puppetry,  film, installation, figurative expressionism and still life. 

Themes include the climate crisis, the nature of and contextural concepts surrounding the  notion of home, the human figure, mapping the landscape and the visceral and textural  qualities of stillness and physical movement. 

Artist and curator Jo McCormick says: “I was really pleased to see this interesting venue  open up down the road from me a few months ago. it’s a very welcoming space for  everyone, especially the LGBTQ+ community. it’s very comfortable, stylish and a little bit  quirky. 

The basement gallery is an amazing space, and I felt an immediate affinity with it. As an  artist it’s exciting to find a spot like this and I immmediately wanted to exhibit there.  

I’ve curated shows before, but not on this scale, and I’m really enjoying working with all the other artists to put together a unique and amazing exhibition.  

Making art can be a solitary persuit and it’s always fun to work in a group on a theme to  produce something unique and meaningful. 

As a person with ADHD I understand the importance of accessability, so although the main space does not have disabled access we’re going to project images of the show onto the wall upstairs, so that everyone can experience the artwork” 

From the team at Corner: “One of the reasons we wanted to incorporate an art gallery into  the space at Corner was so that we could support local artists and celebrate emerging  talent. We are so delighted at what Jo has done with curating “Textural Contexts” bringing  together such a talented and diverse group of artists, sculptors and image makers. It’s our  first group show here and we can’t wait to open the doors and show everyone what Jo and the team have been working on.” Mark and Tarek Corner New Cross. 

June 30th – July 29th 2023 

Opening hours:  

Tuesday to Friday 8am – 4pm 

Saturday and Sunday 9am – 4pm 

At Corner 117 New Cross Road London SE14 5DJ London Borough of Lewisham 

Opening party June 30th 6 – 11pm with music from Deptford Wives and performances from  artists Eline Peres and Frog Morris in the garden. 

Closing event with guided tour, Inspiral London walk and celebration picnic July 29th 10am